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Hello, I have got the SA1 papers of KV class 9 and I have doubt in many quetions. Can you please tell its answers.

I have uploaded the question paper at "https://rapidshare.com/files/3541307932/Scan_Doc0016.pdf". Download it and please tell its answers.

Asked by Aman Kumawat(student), on 17/9/11



my tests are over only science and hindi is remainig

Posted by Samyukltha(student), on 17/9/11

u hav doubt in which question

Posted by Samyukltha(student), on 17/9/11

 Maths paper was very difficult right? 

Posted by Anagha Ajith(student), on 17/9/11

hey guys was it very difficult???

omg im very afraid about this

Posted by Shajitha G(student), on 17/9/11

 thanks aman . this paper might be of some help to me .

Posted by Akshara(student), on 20/9/11

 hey! Can you please scan and mail me science,hindi,english,social papers... Pls.....

My email id is : jagruthb@yahoo.com


Please send me... looking forward for your mail

Posted by Jagruth Boppana(student), on 12/10/11

Pleeeaaassse mail the sa1 papers .......

Email id : juneja_aditi@yahoo.com

Posted by Aditi Juneja(student), on 22/9/13
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