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  how are involuntary actions and reflex action different from each other?

Asked by Ritu...(student) , on 27/7/11

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Reflex action is a reflex that is involuntary and instantaneous. Whereas, voluntary action is one that is produced because of conscious choice of the organism.

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Posted by Ankita Agarwal(MeritNation Expert)

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Involuntary action
Reflex action
They involve automatic nervous system.
They involve all parts of the voluntary nervous system.
They occur in response to internal stimuli.
They occur against the harmful stimuli which are mainly external and cause injury
They are connected with the functions of internal body parts.
They are connected with emergency.
They cannot be controlled by our conscious.
They can be controlled by our conscious.
They are regulated by the medulla(hind – brain).
They are controlled by the spinal cord and are immediate actions.
Ex:-Heart beat
Ex:-Withdraw of our hand when touching hot objects unknowingly.


Hope it helps.

Posted by Roshini Chandra...(student)

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