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how are some countries in the world facing foundational challenge of democracy? explain with examples

Asked by Bhavana(Delhi public school bangalore south) , on 7/3/15


 Different countries face different kinds of challenges. These countries face the foundational challenge of making the transition to democracy and then instituting democratic government. This involves bringing down the existing non-democratic regime, keeping military away from controlling government and establishing a sovereign and functional state.

For example, Nepal was under Monarchy till recent times. Now Nepal has changed to a democratic system. Certain mindsets and systems will take years to change as they have taken years to develop. Nepal is a very good example of foundational challenge of democracy.

Posted by Robinon 12/1/13

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 Foundational challenges of democracy are related to the establishment of democracy . Some countries may still be ruled by a monarch, religious leader or the military. In this case, the current form of govt. is to be overthrown and military interference is to be taken care of.  For example, many Middle Easterm countries are still being ruled by religious rulers/ the US. They need to form their own democratic government.  Also, countries like Chinna which have a Communist govt. should switch to democracy. Hope it helped! :)

Posted by Mythili(AMITY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) on 16/2/13


 *China. Oops! :P

Posted by Mythili(AMITY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) on 16/2/13


is it correct to say Nepal as such a country if it became a democracy ?

Posted by Jithin Das(Al-Farook Residential School) on 16/2/14

@Jithin Das.... Yes Nepal is an example of foundational challenge of democracy... Explanation is given in the answer of Robin...

Posted by Andrew Joemonon 7/3/15

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