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How can we construct an angle of 40 degrees and an angle of 80 degrees using compass?

Asked by Prachi , on 30/12/12

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It is ok, I got the answer. We cannot construct it using compass, only multiples of 15 con be cnstructed in this method. Am I right?

Posted by Mugdha Abhyanka...(student)

More Answers

yes u r right ........ as only the measures or multipels which come in 15 table can b drawn

Posted by parmodh.sharma....(parent)


there are small markings in the D LIKE THE Millimeters of our scale and we have to count the markings for the like we do in scale

Posted by Tanu Agrawal(student)

You cannot construct a 40 and 80 degrees angle with a compass. But you always have a protractor. 

Hope it helped.

Posted by Preksha Mishra(student)

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