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How can we differentiate between salt solution and pure liquid ???? >_<

Asked by Hafsa Mohammed , on 14/7/12


A pure liquid will contain same type of particles and the constituents will be present in a fixed ratio, such as water. It cannot be separated into its constituents by simple methods, water breaks into Hydrogen gas and Oxygen gas upon electrolysis.

However a salt solution is a mixture containing salt and water, in which salt can be present in any ratio. The salt solution can be separated into its constituent (salt and water) by simple evaporation.

Posted by Kanika Dalalon 17/7/12

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pure liquid or any pure substance made up of same kind of molecules and solution of salt or any solution is made up of different kinds of atoms like salt sol. have nacl-salt and h2o-water so both of them are differ from each other

Posted by Rohanon 14/7/12

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