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how do i construct a 80 degree angle with a compass...??

Asked by Abhilasha Rathi(student) , on 28/10/12

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it is not possible to construct angles which are not divisible by 7.5 degree using a compass. but you are free to use a protractor for that purpose:)

Posted by Srusti Dash(student)on 28/10/12

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u can use the help of a protractor

Posted by Kr Bhoomika(student)on 28/10/12


but if i could make with a protactor i wouldnt hav asked this q 

u mean my book has wrong information..............yeah ....hummm.

any more answers              anyways 10x  fr the ans..!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Abhilasha Rathi(student)on 28/10/12


Draw a point, and a long straight line through it. Put the centre of the compass over the point, with north on the compass (or zero degrees) on the line. Then draw a second line out from the point at 80 degrees on the compass. You 'll then have a 80 degree angle between the lines. 

It 's usually a trick that teachers decide to do on their pupils. A compass is what you use to find north and a pair of compasses is used to draw circles.

Posted by Shivani(student)on 28/10/12


you cant. omly the multiples of 15 can be constructed in compass

Posted by Sanjana Godolka...(student)on 18/1/13

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