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how do i construct a 80 degree angle with a compass...??

Asked by Anamika Charles (student) , on 7/3/15

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it is not possible to construct angles which are not divisible by 7.5 degree using a compass. but you are free to use a protractor for that purpose:)

Posted by Srusti Dash (student) on 28/10/12

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u can use the help of a protractor

Posted by Kr Bhoomika (student) on 28/10/12


but if i could make with a protactor i wouldnt hav asked this q 

u mean my book has wrong information..............yeah ....hummm.

any more answers              anyways 10x  fr the ans..!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Abhilasha Rathi (student) on 28/10/12


Draw a point, and a long straight line through it. Put the centre of the compass over the point, with north on the compass (or zero degrees) on the line. Then draw a second line out from the point at 80 degrees on the compass. You 'll then have a 80 degree angle between the lines. 

It 's usually a trick that teachers decide to do on their pupils. A compass is what you use to find north and a pair of compasses is used to draw circles.

Posted by Shivani (student) on 28/10/12


you cant. omly the multiples of 15 can be constructed in compass

Posted by Sanjana Godolkar (student) on 18/1/13

u need to make it with a protractor

Posted by Abdulrahman (student) on 7/3/15

Any angle that is not divisible by 15,is to be drawn with a protractor.

Posted by Chippu (student) on 7/3/15

Hey guys, the method I will be telling isn 't something which can be justified, at least by me. However, it yields desired results, so you can go ahead with it 
you must be knowing how to construct a 60 o angle, so I won 't be writing down steps for that.
problem arises when we have to construct 20 o angle, so here are the steps :
  1. draw any line PQ. Mark a point O anywhere between P and Q on the line. 
  2. With O as centre, and any suitable radius, draw an arc intersecting PQ at A and B .
  3. With B as centre, and he same radius, cut an arc C on previously drawn arc AB. This is the normal 60 o angle. 
  4. With B and C as centres, cut arcs intersecting at L. This is the bisected 60o ie 30 o
  5. BUT DO NOT join L to O, instead join L to A. Angle LAQ is the required 20 o triangle. 
  6. So now you can construct  60o on it . HOPE IT HELPS :D 

Posted by Sana (student) on 9/3/15

I had made 80degree with my compass

Posted by Rahul Saim (student) on 17/3/15

I had made 80degree with my compass

Posted by Rahul Saim (student) on 17/3/15

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