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How to convert:
1.C2H5CN to Ch3Cooh

2.Butan-1-ol to benzoic acid

3.Methyl benzene to benzoic acid

4.Cyclohexanol to cyclohexan-1-one.

5.Ethyl benzene to benzoic acid

6. Bromo benzene to benzoic acid

7 Phenol to Benzaquinone

8.Propanone to 2-methylpropan-2-ol

9.Propene to propan-2-ol

10.Phenol to 2,4,6 tribromo phenol and picric acid.

Asked by Faaiza S(KERALA EDUCATION SOCIETY SCHOOL) , on 4/12/12


Due to paucity of time it would not be possible for us to provide the answers to all your queries. We are providing solutions to some your good queries. Try solving rest of the questions yourself and if you face any difficulty then do get back to us.

1. Coversion of to

2. Conversion of 1-Butanol to Butanoic acid:

3. Conversion of Methyl benzene to Benzoic acid:

Posted by Urvashi Yadavon 5/12/12

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