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how to draw a rectangle whose two adjacent sides are 5 cm and 3.5 cm using a pair of compasses and ruler only?

Asked by Ashlesha Balyan (student) , on 7/3/11

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Here is the procedure for the required construction.
Follow the steps to construct the rectangle.
Step1. Draw a line segment AB of length 5 cm.
Step2. At B, draw BE^AB.
Step3. With B as centre and radius 3.5 cm, draw an arc, cutting BE at C.
Step4. With A as centre and radius 3.5 cm, draw an arc.
Step5. With C as centre ad radius 5 cm, draw another arc, cutting the previous arc at D.
Step6. Join AD and CD
Thus, ABCD is the required rectangle whose adjacent sides are 5 cm and 3.5 cm.

Posted by on 8/3/11

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here is your answer dfdskjflf

Posted by deepganpa (parent) on 21/12/11

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