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how to improve my writing in english and hindi?

Asked by B Kishan(student) , on 26/10/12

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Hello student,

Your question was incomprehensible to me. Please specify whether you want to improve your handwriting or you want to gain excellence in writing skill as far as compositions is concerned. Please help us help you!

Posted by Amrita Hazraon 26/10/12

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More Answers

by writting one page everyday both subjects

Posted by Cute Boy(student)on 26/10/12

same problem me too hv but writing everyday  hindi is boring method to improve it ,,ryt na

Posted by Devshri(student)on 26/10/12

yes devshri  i m agree with u

Posted by Cute Boy(student)on 26/10/12

yeah thanks yarr !

Posted by Devshri(student)on 26/10/12

If you find writing pages a bit boring, check out this one - Just take a rough note and start scribbling , making intricate curves and zigzags...... your wrists will get flexibility and some grace may come in your handwriting.


I have tried this  and guess wat?? it worked well!!

Posted by Shaurya(student)on 26/10/12

ook i will definetly try this!!

Posted by Devshri(student)on 26/10/12

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