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how to make a poster on child labour?

Asked by Shadab Nawaz (student) , on 27/2/13

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Here are some ideas for you to make a poster on child labour:

  • Show little kids working hard for adults and put a cross on it.
  • Write a motivational proverb or a few eye-catching lines against child labour, for instance,'Child labour is child abuse' or 'Child is meant to learn, not to earn'.
  • Make school children holding placards and pamphlets which say 'Stop Child Labour.'
  • Make a toad who croaks and says: I am TOADILY against child labour.



Posted by Alisha Sharma (MeritNation Expert) on 28/2/13

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Child Labour in India
                                      "There is no reason, There is no excuse, Child labor is Child Abuse"

                                                    " A Child is meant to Learn , not Earn "

Millions of children in today 's world undergo the worst forms of child labor which includes Child Slavery, Child prostitution, Child Trafficking, Child Soldiers. In modern era of material and technological advancement, children in almost every country are being callously exploited. 
Child labor is a global problem. If child labour is to be eradicated, the governments and agencies and those responsible for enforcement need to start doing their jobs. The most important thing is to increase awareness and keep discussing ways and means to check this problem. We have to decide whether we are going to take up the problem head-on and fight it any way we can or leave it to the adults who might not be there when things go out of hand.
(Just add some drawings of weak and petty conditioned children or just draw some stick men with rags and torn clothes)
Good Luck !!

Posted by Siddharth Prasad (student) on 27/2/13









v Child laboring is now a punishable act

v Children are to be sent to school

v Encourage them to study

v Complaint about any child under 14 seen working







Children are god’s gift

And tomorrow s   hope

Issued by

Child welfare association



Posted by Kavya Shabu (student) on 28/2/13


 i posted this properly but only this much is coming 

i m sorry

Posted by Kavya Shabu (student) on 28/2/13

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