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 how to make sentences in sanskrit?

Asked by Ankita Sen(student), +1 more on 9/2/13


similarly as you do in english .Join the subject to the verb and the object.

Posted by Harshita. Kabra(student), on 22/9/11

you should know the meanings of the sanskrit words and try to make sentences of our own and you should know that the rules of case in sanskrit subject and language.

Posted by Aniket Ghosh(student), on 3/12/11

 according to me you have to know the concept of the lakars,karaks and the main root words.it can contain suffixes also.but before making a sentence you have to know the meanings

Posted by Lavanya(student), on 6/6/12

make sentence of katwa

Posted by Lakshya Gupta(student), on 31/8/12

To make sentences in sanskrit:

  • Firstly, translate all the nouns and pronouns to sanskrit.
  • Secondly, translate all the verbs to sanskrit.
  • Thirdly, apply the appropriate kaaraks to all the nouns and pronouns.
  • Fourthly, change all the verbs to their correct form according to your needs.
  • Finally, put these words in the correct order.

Your sentence is ready!

Posted by Nilay Majorwar(student), on 21/9/12


Posted by San(student), on 2/6/13

karak yo yo

Posted by Ankita /prantik...(student), on 25/9/13

firstly you must have minimum sanskrit vocabulary.

then you must join the kartrupadam (subject) , karmapadam(object) and kriyapadam (verb)


Posted by Nikita Sharma(student), on 3/2/14
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