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How to prepare for psa exam class 9?

Asked by Abhishek Rawat(student) , on 19/3/15

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Question Singh it is easy by solving Questions related to it.

Posted by Prateek Gupta(student)on 12/1/13

More Answers

 purchase the book APC perfect PSA class ix it has all the material related to psa

Posted by Satya Narayana(student)on 27/1/13

dont buy any other book just buy TOGETHER WITH psa solvedit is the best book to study for PSAbecause it has not just solved answers but its explanation too . so it is easy to understand .

Posted by Pranav Jandu(student)on 16/1/14

buy crack CBSE PSA 2015 FOR class 9. really effective

Posted by Riya Dongre(student)on 27/10/14

Be positive and study well !!!!!

Posted by Soubhik Roy(student)on 30/10/14

can also use board psa book they really hav gud effects

Posted by Deepika(student)on 4/11/14

you must work hard to get a good score in it......

Posted by Anu Nair(student)on 6/11/14

study study study

Posted by Sudhiksha(student)on 8/11/14

sample papers ......

Posted by Faizu(student)on 15/11/14

juz try out sum sample papers .. and try to recollect everything which you have studied till 9th . try to think deeper so that it will improve your reasoning part..

Posted by Haritha D(student)on 15/11/14

its easy if u practise

Posted by Saiyada(student)on 16/11/14


Posted by Yaswanth(student)on 16/11/14

are psa ki book to cbse ne alag se issue ki h. hamare scl me to order pe ai h.

Posted by Nancy Pare(student)on 16/11/14

Psa is sumthing which v have already learnt it in our early years but wid a little complications !
There r sum books available also in many stores .. U can go thought thm for better understanding

Posted by Sumaja Nair(student)on 16/11/14

just come to this site

Posted by Amitha S(parent)on 16/11/14

Make sure you have revised all the math formulas that you have learned till 9th :)

Language is the best section in which you can score but you need to be good in english

pray for the best :')

Posted by Aman Mohammed(student)on 19/11/14

thanks a lot

Posted by Mather(student)on 19/11/14

go to this side

Posted by Faraz(parent)on 21/11/14

coding and decoding

Posted by Atharv(student)on 26/1/15

try to understand do not just read

Posted by Meghana(student)on 18/4/15

thanks guys for your suggestions.

Posted by Abhishek Rawat(student)3 weeks, 4 days ago

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