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I want a debate in favour of "man is a bundle of emotins".

Asked by Seema Mahajan(k v kathua) , on 6/7/12

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I support the statement very stongly dat man is a man is a bundle of emotions because,,we are humans,,we have evolved through many generations and built a stong heart,feelings,emotions in our self....sumtyms 4 odrs happiness we sacrifice r own happines,,especially 4 our youngr bro or sis or bst frnd..........wen a gal request sumthng 2 us by sheding her tears,,,we r out of way,,,dat tym we bcom blind and do evythng accodin 2 hr wish....dat change iz only due 2 r etrnal feelings.....bt we mst cntrl r feelings regardin rong thngs...if a child iz askin a ice-cream in winter,,,he z cryin=dyin 2 hav it,,,bt a responsible parents mst nt agree wd the kid....bt mak him undrstand abt wat he iz asking is nt gud 2 hv at dat particul season

Posted by Radhika Ac(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 6/7/12

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