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I want a fully solved accountancy project which includes a balance sheet,comparative commonsize income statement and balance sheet and accounting ratios.

Asked by Ankita Gaba(student), +1 more on 29/6/13


 You can refer to the books of accountancy by TS GREWAL, SA SIDDIQUI AND DK GOYAL.

Posted by anushka_gupta(student), on 4/1/12

 how many companies are included in sebi

Posted by Jyothi Prasad(teacher), on 7/1/12

anushka...thanx.....ill refer and see if i get anything:)

jyothi 2

Posted by garz_94...(student), on 11/1/12

 heyy anushka......these books are not available where i stay.

could you please tell me if you know any site where you get this

Posted by garz_94...(student), on 12/1/12

pls send me the format of cot sheet

Posted by Mohan Sangroula(teacher), on 14/1/12

 i do not have the format of the cot sheet.

Posted by garz_94...(student), on 14/1/12

you can go to the site srcibd.com. There u can search for the book of accounts by these authors.. 

Posted by anushka_gupta(student), on 10/2/12

u can go to the site of scribd.com. there u can search for the books of aacounts by these authors..

Posted by anushka_gupta(student), on 10/2/12

 i want 2 know the difference b/w currents assets and other assets

Posted by Maaz Khan(student), on 22/4/12
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