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I want all questions with answers of Three Men in a Boat of Goyal Brothers Prakashan

Asked by Apurv Dharmesh Pandya(maheshwari) , on 14/12/12


It is not possible for us to provide questions and answers for the long reading texts. However, the following information may help you in understanding the kind of questions that will be asked in examination.

Based on the novel picked up by your school for a particular term, two questions of 5 marks each will be asked. CBSE has detailed it as follows:

Novel/Long Reading Text

Q15. Global questions on theme and plot involving interpretation and inference. 

Q16. One out of two character sketches in 100 words.”

Posted by Alisha Sharmaon 17/12/12

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question thoh m de du gi par answer ka pata nahi

Posted by Anuon 16/9/12


 I want all answers of 3 men in a boat (goyal Brother)

Posted by Michael Jacksonon 19/9/12


i dont know

Posted by Nikhil Bhat(I T I CENTRAL SCHOOL) on 29/10/12

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