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i want paragraph writing "my favorite park"

Asked by Gopikrishna Suresh Babu(DELHI PRIVATE SCHOOL) , on 21/4/12


You can use the following points and try writing the paragraph:

  • There is a Gandhi Park in my locality and you go and play there every evening.
  • I and my friends planted ten trees in there one year ago.
  • Its fun to see the trees grow and we continue to water them now as well.
  • We take full responsibility of its cleanliness and maintenance.
  • I share an emotional bonding and a sense of belongingness with the park.
  • I have learnt various values through this park like being responsible, cleanliness, importance of trees and I continue to be attached with this natural teacher.

Posted by nishtha.kapil...on 30/4/12

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i have a small little park near my house.i go there and play there everyday.i and my friends try the best to keep the park clean.my mom and dad and i go to the park with my friends.there are many butterflies and flowers everywhere.there are many swings,slides etc in the garden.there are many birds.i love the park near to my house.

Posted by Ruqaia Beyrl(M E S Indian School) on 22/4/12

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