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If an object is immersed wholly in a liquid causing upthrust equal to weight of body then what will be the relation between the relative densities of liquid and object ??? PLz help the earliest !

Asked by Reem Hunain(student) , on 26/1/12

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BEST ANSWER Certified by MeritNation Expert  

As upthrust is equal to

V (of object)  * Density of liquid * g

and weight og body = mass * g

                                    = density of object * V of object * g   (m = d * v)


 V (of object)  * Density of liquid * g   =  density of object * V of object * g

So,   Density of liquid  =  density of object

as their densities are equal so their their relative densities are also equal (becoz  RD = density of object/ density of water)

Posted by akshaygahlot14....(student)

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