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" If u got a teeth, you got a friend." Explain.

Asked by Sharatth(sanghamitra) , on 11/1/15

 "If you got a teeth" means that teeth are very helpful to us. By chewing food, we can digest it and maintain a good health.

Posted by Abhishek Salwan(shaheed darshan singh public school) on 7/1/12

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if we got a teeth means we got a friend we should keep behave with them by brusing.. avoid sticky food..kep notice with regular check up with dentists.

if we didnt take care of them we will lose our true teeths and we have to make false teeth with no advantage 

having a false friend doesn 't make any help for us

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Posted by Fazil Insaf(GULF INDIAN SCHOOL) on 7/1/12


The line "If you got a tooth, you got a friend" conveys the message that we must always take care of our teeth as they help us in eating and relishing our food. We should never be careless as teeth help us in making in possible to derive pleasure from eating. Also, it will lead to lose of that sweet smile of yours.

Posted by Rosy(bvm ) on 30/11/12


Just like friends we need good teeth if we gets bad friends ,they always takes us to the wrong path similarly if our teeth are not good then they can effect us very badly

Posted by Ishikaon 20/11/13

The line should conveys a message that we should always take care of our teeth by brushing them.

Posted by Gagandeep (prince public school) on 11/1/15

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