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Importance Of adult Education and ways to Implement It

Asked by nonenever123... , on 19/4/11


] Some people, in their early age, did not have the chance to get education for different reasons.When they are old if then, they get education and they can discover themselves in a new way.
[2] Learning is a continuous process, and if adult persons have the continued relationship with knowledge is also important.
{3] Some adult much time to take rest but if they are engaged in learning they can also have fun and friends.
{4] If they are busy something creative jobs, they will never feel boring rather they will feel healthier and happier.

Posted by Pratibha Pandeyon 24/4/11

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We can implement it by making people people aware of it , starting campaigns and doing surveys . adult education, extension of educational opportunities to those adults beyond the age of general public education who feel a need for further training of any sort, also known as continuing education.

Posted by Pratibha Pandeyon 24/4/11

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