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 in hindi while writing a formal letter we write the date at the end, then why in english it is written just below the writer\'s address???

Asked by Lorna Sheikh(student) , on 30/12/10

hi! in english we write date just below the writers because the person reading the letter should know when this letter was written instead searching date at the end of letter.for your information in hindi also date is written below the writers adress,you should see your book.

Posted by Prateek Pandey(student)on 30/12/10

More Answers

hi u should know that in hindi, while writing formal letters u should write the date at the end, and in informal letters the date is written in after the to-address. ms.kavya(merit expert) has also said.

Posted by Lorna Sheikh(student)on 31/12/10

sorry her name is savitri not kavya

Posted by Lorna Sheikh(student)on 31/12/10

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