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In PSA fo 9th grade sample test - 1 question no 32 is


The time spent in resting by which of the bee hive is maximum?

  • A )

    Hive 1

  • B )

    Hive 3

  • C )

    Hive 1 and 2

  • D )

    Hive 1 and 3

    Acc. to me the answer is A. Hive 1 but the answer stored is by meritnation is B which is wrong therefore it is marking everyones correct answer worng ..... meritnation experts pls check it out

Asked by Shubham Sharma (student) , on 24/12/12

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Yes option (A) is the correct one as we have discussed in the solution also and we appreciate your bringing the errors to our notice. The said question will be corrected and updated very soon. We shall most definitely try and ensure that such errors do not occur in the future.

Posted by nitish.gupta (MeritNation Expert) on 28/12/12

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