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 In the chapter test of science class 8 cell-structure and function 

question 1 it is given

Robert Hooke was the first person to observe  ____ i _____  cells. He observed these cells using a  ____ ii ______ .

I gave the answer 




magnifying glass


but they gave it wrong saying

Robert Hooke was the first person to observe cells. He observed the cells of thin slices of cork using a microscope.

The correct answer is A.


In the textbook pg 90 they have given that 


robert hooke observed slices of cork under a simple magnifying device.


then why my answer is given wrong

Asked by Haresh Patel(parent), on 20/6/13



Robert Hooke was the first person to observe cork   cells. He observed these cells using a   microscope.

Explanation: Robert Hooke designed a primitive type of microscope which relied on sunlight to illuminate the image. He observed the cells in a thin slice of cork in 1665 with the help of this primitive microscope. 

Posted by Saman Ahmad(MeritNation Expert), on 21/6/13

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