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Raj Lakshmi from sidhu kanhu hight inter college , asked a question
Subject: Hindi , asked on 1/1/13



Savitri Bisht ,Meritnation Expert added an answer
Answered on 2/1/13

सूरदास भगवान श्री कृष्ण के परम भक्त थे। इन्होंने सारी उम्र कृष्ण की उपासना में बिता दी थी। इसलिए यह कृष्णभक्ति शाखा के कवि माने जाते हैं। कहा जाता है सूरदास जन्म से ही अंधे थे। इनका जन्म 1478 से 1583 के बीच का समय माना गया है। इनका जन्म सीही ग्राम में हुआ था। इन्होंने ब्रजभाषा मेंबहुत ही सुन्दर पदों की रचना की। यह पद कृष्ण भक्ति से ओत-प्रोत थे। इन्होंने अंधे होते हुए भी कृष्ण के बाल्यरूप का बहुत सजीव व सुंदर चित्रण किया है। सूरसागर , सूरसारावली , साहित्य-लहरी इनके द्वारा रचित ग्रंथ है। इन ग्रंथों की भाषा ब्रज भाषा है।

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Shagun Swt Angel , From K.b.d.a.v. Sr Sec. School , added an answer
Answered on 1/1/13
About Surdas
Surdas is one of the people who had great influence on the cultural heritage of India. He was a poet, a saint and a musician and played all the parts with the same finesse. Since there are no authentic records on the life of Surdas, his biography comes up as a combination of facts and fiction.

Early Life
There is a little disagreement regarding the exact birth date of Surdas, some scholars believe it to be 1478 AD, while others believe it to be 1479 AD. Same is the case of the year of his death, it is either considered to be 1581 AD or 1584 AD. As per the limited authentic life history of Surdas, it is said that he lived in Braj, near Mathura. Surdas was born blind and because of this, he was neglected by his family. As a result, he left his home at tender age of six.

Meeting Shri Vallabharacharya
In the eighteenth year of his life, Surdas went to Gau Ghat, a sacred bathing spot on the embankments of Yamuna River. It was here that he came across Shri Vallabharacharya, the great saint-savant. Vallabharacharya advised Surdas to sing Bhagvat Lila, the Creative Play of the Lord and introduced him to the secrets of contemplative devotion. From this time onwards, Surdas never looked back on the path of spirituality. Surdas spent the last years of his life in Braj, the place of his birth.

Literary Works of Surdas
The work of Surdas mainly consists of the following three compilations.

Sur-Saravali, based on the festival of Holi, originally consisted of hundred verses. In this poem, he tried to create a theory of Genesis, with Lord Krishna as the Creator.

Sahitya-Lahiri is mainly associated with Bhakti (devotion) towards the Supreme Lord.

Sur-Sagar is considered to be the magnum opus of Surdas. The poem has been woven around the life of Lord Krishna. It originally contained 100,000 poems or songs, out of which only 8000 have survived the travails of time.

Philosophy of Surdas
The Bhakti movement that was widely prevalent in India at the time of Surdas deeply affected him. He propagated the Shuddhadvaita school of Vaishnavism. It makes use of the spiritual metaphor of the Radha-Krishna Lila, derived from earlier saints.
Prashant Chauhan , From Kendriya Vidyalaya , added an answer
Answered on 1/1/13


Biography of Sant Surdas

Sant Surdas poet

There is scanty information about the life of Sant Surdas, (The dates of his date and birth are not really very clear), the medieval poet-singer of Braj the land associated with Lord Krishna. His compositions are in Braj Bhasha a dialect of Hindi that was considered crude at the time. Surdas ' works are some of those credited with raising this dialect to a literary status.

Surdas was born blind to poor parents and because of this he was a victim of neglect and abuse. He left home at the tender age of 6.

The greatest blessing of Surdas 's life came when Sri Vallabhacharya, the celebrated exponent of the Shuddhadvaita. also known as Pushti Marga, accepted him as his disciple. From his teacher he received knowledge of hindu philosophy.

He memorized the Srimad Bhagavata and other hymns in Sanskrit.

He portrayed in exquisite poetry the life of Krishna, especially child Krishna, in such vivid detail that he has not been equalled by any saint or poet, not even Kalidasa, in describing childhood.

It is one of the marvels in the realms of literature how a blind poet could portray in such meticulous and colourful detail the childhood of Krishna, stage by stage. Krishna 's cutting his first tooth, his uttering of the first word, his taking the first step unaided, are all occasions for Surdas to compose inspired songs which are sung even to this day, in hundreds of homes, by mothers who see child Krishna in their own children.

The love that had been denied to him as a child flows by means of his songs on, the love that was showered on Bala Gopala in Braj by Yashoda, Nandagopa, the Gopis and the Gopas.

Surdas never entertained any idea of marriage but saw in Sri Krishna the eternal lover and he portrayed the love between Radha and Krishna as ethereal love-the irresistible attraction the individual soul has for the Oversoul or of the Jivatma for the Paramatma.

His work consists primarily of three major compilations, the Sur-Saravali, the Sahitya-Lahiri and the Sur-Sagar. The Saravali is supposed to have

originally one hundred thousand verses but many have been lost forever. It is based on the analogy of the Holi festival, by far the most popular of the festivals of the time, and always associated with Krishna as part of his Divine Play. Apart from being great narrative poetry they are also significant sources of information about the past.

The Sahitya-Lahiri is supposedly a treatise of various forms of poetical composition, dealing primarily with Bhakti.

The Sur-Sagar is his masterpiece, the ‘Oceanic work’ as its name indicates and remains the most influential and important of all his works. It deals with the life of Krishna in detail.

His fame was wide spread though he never left his native land, even the Mughal emperor Akbar paid homage to him.

Raj Lakshmi , From Sidhu Kanhu Hight Inter College , added an answer
Answered on 1/1/13

 in hindi

Prashant Chauhan , From Kendriya Vidyalaya , added an answer
Answered on 1/1/13

 Translate from google translate in hindi

Raj Lakshmi , From Sidhu Kanhu Hight Inter College , added an answer
Answered on 1/1/13

 do it & than give me please it is urgent

Prashant Chauhan , From Kendriya Vidyalaya , added an answer
Answered on 1/1/13

 U should know meritnation is not allowing me kindly do it ur self