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integral of 1/(sinX +secX) dx

Asked by Ramneet Pal Kau...(student) , on 10/2/15

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multiply numerator and denominator by sec2

sec2x/(tanx+sec2x) =sec2x/(tanx+1+tan2x)

let tanx =t

=> sec2x dx =dt

and solve the eq.in the form of 't '.

Posted by Sr(student)

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some mistake in ur suggestion,

when you multiply & divide secx u will get it as sec2 x/(tan xsec x+sec3 x) dx.

but, exact answer is too long and still many of them didn 't solve.!!!!!!  

Posted by Subin Thekkan(student)


 convery in sin and cos form-

cosx/(1+sinx cosx)


then rationalise. it will be ((cosx/(1-sin^2x cos^2x) - (cos^2x sinx/(1-cos^2x sin^2x))

then put sinx=t in one part and cosx = t in other. solve as usual..

Posted by Sana(student)

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