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Is 22/7 is rational or irrational????

Asked by Yash Gupta(MAYOOR SCHOOL) , on 4/4/12


Those numbers which can be written in the form are called Rational Numbers.

Since is of the form  , that's why it is a rational number. Also the decimal 

representation of is non-terminating but repeating (because after decimal the number 

142857 will repeat every time). So, is a rational number.


But is not rational because because is not exactly equal to . So, is irrational.

Posted by Shridhar Kaushik(SPS International Academy, Palwal) on 5/4/12

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22/7 is a rational no. because it is writeen in the form of p/q where p and q are integers and q not equal to 0

Posted by Abhay(jay bharat english medium school janjgir) on 4/4/12


22/7 is a rartional no. because its decimal expansion is 3.142857142857...... , which is non terminating but recurring.

Posted by Kbr Mon 4/4/12


It is rational number . But pie is irrational number. Actually pie is not equal to 22/7. But it is approximately equal to the 22/7.

Posted by Pankaj Jahagirdar(De Paul School) on 4/4/12

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