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Justify that the title "The Enemy " is apt to the story.

Asked by Shachin Shibi(Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1) , on 9/6/13


The title is apt for the story as it revolves around the life of Tom who was an  American prisoner of war. The couple knew that they would be termed treacherous if they did not inform the police about the white 'enemy'. But, they could not bring themselves to do what seemed the best course of action at that point, i.e. to throw the man back into the sea. After a lot of speculation, the doctor thought of treating the dying man on humanitarian grounds.

Posted by Pratibha Kumarion 12/6/13

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pearl .s.buck has given a suitable title to the story.the title is quite appropriate and logical .the wounded american prisoner of war is natural enemy of Dr.Sadao and his wife Hana.they should have handed him over to the police.But human consideration outweighed all other considerations.His duty as a doctor made Dr Sadao to save the life of even a dying enemy.

Posted by Anushka Dason 9/6/13

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