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list of derivations in physics class 12 cbse chapterwise (for board exams).please hurry up!!!

Asked by Bosco (student) , on 18/2/15

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More Answers

Ray Optics:
Derivation of mirror formula,
Derivation of lens formula
Refraction at spherical surface
Lens Makers Formula
Refraction through Prism
Optical Instruments Derivation of formula for magnification

Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current:

Motional Emf
Deriving a formula for induced emf in a rotating coil (AC Generator)
Conceptual questions based on Eddy currents
mutual induction between two coils and two solenoids 
Derivation of current voltage relationship for Pure R, pure L and pure C inductive and capacitative reactance calculation of impedance, current and voltage across each element
LCR Series - Phasor diagrams in all cases LR, LC circuits also can be done from LCR
Average power in A.C. circuits pure R(not very high chance), pure L and pure C and LCR series


Not many derivations in this chapter

Magnetic Effects of current:
Field at the center of a circular coil
Field at any point on the axis of circular coil
Working of cyclotron
Derivations related to Cyclotron 
Field due to a toroid
field due to a solenoid
Torque on a current carrying coil placed in a magnetic field
Moving coil galvanometer

Posted by Khushboo (student) on 7/3/15

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