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List two ill - effects of plastic?

Asked by Amrit Dash , on 12/3/13


Your friends are correct,

Plastic is a non biodegradable substance. Its ill effects include;

1. Accumulation of plastic in the soil causes soil pollution as it does not decay.

2. Accumulation of plastic in water bodies kills fishes and other aquatic organisms.

3. Burning of plastic produces harmful gases and causes air pollution.

@Others...Good work...Keep posting!

Posted by Mushtaq Ahmedon 14/3/13

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it is non - biodegradable

it harms our environment

it pollute soil and water

hope it helped u......

Posted by Rishabh Tripathion 13/3/13


 The ill  -   effects of plastic are :-

  • Eating hot food in plastic plates may lead to cancer
  • Plastics are not eco - friendly so they destroy our environment
  • Thumps up plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Lakshmi.k(ARVIND GUPTA D A V CENTENARY PUB SCH) on 13/3/13

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