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living organisms are made of atoms.

non living things are also made of atoms.

then why we are living and they are nonliving ?

kindly help !! :-)

Asked by Shiva Priya , on 7/4/12


Living organisms are also made up of atoms and non-living too but the difference is that the living organisms ' have cells which were formed from different and relevent elements which could have made up a cell and it could have multiplied to form many cells ...isssues...etc.

Atoms cannot support life...Life first started from cell. The cell could perform all those living functions but not atoms from which it was formed.

Posted by Draken Kartikay Kaulon 7/4/12

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it is  simple , see all the living things r mainly made up of 3 elements carbon, nitrogen and oxygen . these make up a cell which in turn make up a living organism. but non-living things does not contain these 3 elements in the right proportion , but it is not now possible because it needs a proper temperature for growing. hope it helps!

Posted by Shreejit Nairon 7/4/12


Living organisms have living cells and non living organisms does not have any cell in their body. So nonliving organisms does not perform the function of living organism. So we are living and they are non-living organisms

Posted by Abhay(jay bharat english medium school janjgir) on 7/4/12

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