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Man passed from the food gathering stage to the food producing stage in the

a)paleolithic age b)neolithic age

c)chalcolithic age d)mesolithic age

Asked by Harshita (student) , on 13/11/12

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 neolithic age :)

Posted by Skt10017 (student) on 14/11/12

More Answers

"SATYAMEVA jAYATE" has been taken from?

Posted by Sreyasi (student) on 23/11/12

mundak upanishad

Posted by Love (student) on 25/11/12


hi r u participating in akash  exam if yes then i m also

Posted by Arsh Bajwa (student) on 1/12/12


 even i m goin

Posted by Ilma Naaz (student) on 1/12/12


neolithic age

Posted by Shubham (student) on 1/12/12


best of luck to everyone....i am also participating.....:)

Posted by Priyanka (student) on 1/12/12

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