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Merits and dimerits of Mendeleev 's periodic table.

Asked by Smthng ....... (student) , on 10/1/11

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Hi Sasha147,

Good to see that you have understood the answer posted by Dhruv.

@ Dhruv, kashid.sangita, kritartha

Good answer!! We really appreciate your contribution to this forum. Keep posting!

Thumbs up from our experts.

Best Wishes!

Posted by shveta.dua... (student) on 11/1/11

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More Answers

Thankx a lot dhru -thumps up der!!!!!!!

Posted by Smthng ....... (student) on 10/1/11

 meneleevees periodic table didnot give space to noblegases

Posted by Aadith Sdas (student) on 4/1/12


mendeleevs attempt was to arrange the elemets in order of atomic masses at rhe same time placing the elements with similar properties in the same groups

Posted by Aadith Sdas (student) on 4/1/12

thanku for the this i got some information adout periodic table

Posted by Aadith Sdas (student) on 4/1/12

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