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message given by the chapter shady plot

Asked by Seema(KUNDAN VIDYA MANDIR SR SEC SCHOOL) , on 8/10/12

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shady plot is about a writer who writes about ghost stories. once he sits down to write a ghost story when a ghost comes . the ghost is part of writers inspiration beareau and they inspire aithors to write. the ghost tells the writer that they are on a strike because of constant use ouija bords(boards thru wich u acn communicate with ghosts) the ghost also requests the writer to stop using the board

later the writers wife bringa ouija board , and hosts a ouija bord party . the writer is forced to use the board by his wife.

THE WRITER and louissa communicate with a ghost called helen who calls him a traitor.this makes everyone think that he has cheated on his wife and this even results in bringing divorce papers.

later the wife encounters the ghost and isnot surprised and finds out what happened. at the last we figure out the ghost is helen of new york

Posted by pandiyan.arun57...on 8/10/12

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