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 Mrs. Packletide writes her autobiography. As Mrs. Packletide, write about the tiger episode with the help of the clues given below.

jealous of the applause Loona was getting-thought of tiger hunt--all arranged-- Louisa Mebbin accompanied; turned out to be a blackmailer-huge price to pay to outdo a rival

experts please provide an answer for this

Asked by Lakshya , on 21/4/14


This question is to be answered on the basis of your own understanding, experience and thoughts. It is strongly recommended that you prepare the solution on your own. However, sample solutions have been provided for your reference.

Clues are already given in the question.

Posted by Shraddha(LITTLE ANGLES HIGH SCHOOL) on 22/4/14

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 in  this  story  tiger  hunt  taken  named  a  lady  mrs  packletide  a  strong  deire  to  hunt  a  tiger  occupies mrs  packletide,s  tiger but  out  of  jealousy  for  another  women  named  loona  bimberton.but  loona  bimberton  she  very  enjoyed  and  loona was  gettingby  going  on  a  hunting  expedition  and  killing  a  tiger she  offer  to  pay  one  thousand  rupees  mrs  packletide,s  hunt  packletide  all  arrangement  mrs  packletide  had  paid  companion  louisa  mabbin

Posted by Khushboo Maheshwari(ST. ANDREWS HIGH SCHOOL) on 8/9/11


 plz ... provide tis answer

Posted by Selenaon 24/5/12


plzz tell d answer mee 2 : '(

Posted by Himanion 29/4/13


Loona Bimberton 's being carried in an aeroplane was the talk of the town. She had become very famous due to it and her social prestige had gone onto the top. I couldn 't digest it as her applause had created jealousy in me. Day and night I felt how to counter it. So I thought that a tiger hunt would take me on a higher pedestal than Loona. I lost no time in arranging a tiger hunt with the help of the villagers who were just thirsty for money.

I paid Rs.One thousand to the villagers for getting an aged tiger in the village forest. A goat with a loud bleat was tied at a convenient place.

A suitable platform was built in a tree. On the night of the hunt I sat with Louisa Mebbin, my paid companion.

As per pre-arranged plan the tiger came near the goat. He lay flat to regain his strength before attacking his prey. I lost no time in firing the shot. I saw that both the goat and the tiger had been killed. 'I am on the top ', I felt it in my blood.

It was Louisa Mebbin who told me that I had killed the goat with my shot. The tiger had died due to a heart failiure caused by the rifle shot and old age. She proved herself very cunning and crafty. She blakcmailed me that she would tell this fact to Loona Bimberton. I had no choice except to succumb to her threatening and had to buy a week-end cottage in Dorking for her.

Posted by Mohit Kumaron 12/5/13

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