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name the 4 types of angles

Asked by Rithika(student) , on 16/1/13

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The 4 types of angles are

  1. acute angle
  2. obtuse angle
  3. right angle and
  4. straight angle

Posted by Marhaba Rashid(student)on 5/7/11

More Answers

tringle rectangle square  cube

Posted by mamatad80...(parent)on 6/7/11

an angle which is less than 90 degree(right angle) n

more than 0 degree(0 angle) is called an acute angle...


Posted by Marhaba Rashid(student)on 7/7/11

no...those are not geometrical angels

Posted by Marhaba Rashid(student)on 28/7/12

the four names of angles are vertex angle,acute angle,obtuse angle and reflex angle.


hope my answer helped you.


Posted by S Sai Saranya(student)on 17/1/13

straight angle

obtuse angle

right angle

actue angle

Posted by Noushad Anwar(student)on 22/1/13

they are :-



right angle


Posted by Saketa Vedula(student)on 24/1/13

1 Acute angle

2 Obtuse angle

3 Right angle

4 Straight angle

Posted by Arnav Sharma(student)on 25/1/13

 the four types of angles are:]

1. acute angle

2. right angle

3. obtuse angle

4. straight angle

Posted by Priyal Jain(student)on 26/1/13


1>Acute angle

2>Obtuse angle

3>Right angle

4>Straight angle

Posted by Aditya Meena(student)on 1/2/13

The 4 types of angles are right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle and straight angle. On a protractor (an instrument used to measure angles), a right angle measures 90 degree. an acute angle measures less than 90 degree (that is from 90 degree to 0 degree), an obtuse angle measures more than 90 degree (that is from 90 degree to 180 degree) and a straight angle measures 180 degree.

I hope my answer helped you.


Posted by Sandra Anish(student)on 4/2/13

acute angle

obstute angle

right angle

straight angle

Posted by Hridhita Anjal(student)on 10/2/13

the four type of anges are-

1 acute angle

2 obtuse angle

3  right angle

4  straight angle

Posted by Shruti Das(student)on 20/2/13

acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, straight angle

Posted by Vineet Kaur(student)on 24/2/13

There are actually 6 angles not 4. They are acute, right, obtuse, straight, reflex and whole angles.                                                                                                                 

Posted by Rohit S Bellur(student)on 28/3/13

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