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name the process by which co2 and h2o move into and out of the cell.

Asked by Sheetal S(student), on 22/9/11


 osmosis ,in leaves i guess

Posted by Manas Joshi(student), on 22/9/11


Posted by Nisha Navya(student), on 22/9/11

co= diffusion

h2o  = osmosis

Posted by Surabhi Gupta(student), on 23/9/11

osmosis & diffusion in there  process there is certain lekage that process is called plasmolysis.

Posted by Kushagri Laturk...(student), on 24/9/11

Osomosis in h2o

diffusion in co2

Posted by Krishnan(student), on 13/9/12

 friends i dont no u tell me yar your exam r completed 

Posted by Mohit(student), on 21/9/12

Osomosis and Diffusion are the two processes by which co2 and h2o move into and out of the cell.

Posted by Tanvi Kaushik(student), on 2/8/13

co2 = osmosis

h20 = diffusion

Posted by Alen(student), on 1/10/13
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