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On what factors the internal resistence of a cell depends ?

Asked by Mayank Verma (student) , on 29/12/11

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The opposition offered by the electrolyte of the cell to the flow of electric current through it is called the internal resistance of the cell.

Factors affecting Internal Resistance of a cell:

i) Larger the separation between the electrodes of the cell, more the length of the electrolyte through which current has to flow and consequently a higher value of internal resistance.

ii) Greater the conductivity of the electrolyte, lesser is the internal resistance of the cell. i.e. internal resistance depends on the nature of the electrolyte.

iii) The internal resistance of a cell is inversely proportional to the common area of the electrodes dipping in the electrolyte.

iv) The internal resistance of a cell depends on the nature of the electrodes.

Consider the following figure:

E  = V + v

= IR + Ir

= I (R + r)

I = E / (R + r) 

This relation is called circuit equation

Posted by Pallabi Chakrabortyon 30/12/11

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More Answers

  •  if your question is referring to potentiometer then the internal resistance is given by
  • r=R{l1/l2-1}

Posted by Sanjeev A.r (student) on 30/12/11

 The internal resistance (r) of a cell depends on the following factors :

a) separation between the two plates,d (r is directly proportional to d).

b) Area of the plates dipped in the electrolyte,A ( inversely varies with A ).

c) Nature of the concentration of the  electrolyte.

d) Temperature ,T(inversely varies with T).

Posted by Sr (student) on 30/12/11

how internal rasistance is inversely propotional to the tempreture. can u please explain it  in more details?

Posted by Mayank Verma (student) on 31/12/11

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