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'ontogeny repeats phylogeny' justify the statement

Asked by K.bharath Kumar(Dr g s kalyanasundaram memorial school) , on 21/11/13


Ontogeny means development history of an organism and phylogeny means ancestral history of an organism. According to the theory "ontogeny repeats itself" developmental history of an organism repeats its ancestral history. For example:- Human embryo during its development go through various stages that include zygote, gastrula stage, triploblastic stage, and later two chambered heart stage, among these stages zygote represent unicellular protozoan, gastrula represent coelenterate, triploblastic represent annelid and two chambered heart represent fish embryonic characteristics which is followed by the human features. This shows that ontogeny repeats phylogeny.

Posted by on 22/11/13

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