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please explain zero work once again..not able to understand it at all..in a simple language..?

Asked by Aastha Vats , on 3/10/10


suppose u push a rock  from moring to eveing the rock does not move then 0 work  is done

Posted by Rakshak Hon 4/10/10

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you 're absolutely wrong rakshak..

Posted by Aastha Vatson 4/10/10


0 work means when no work is done  eg : when a weight lifter lifts weight there he dose not do any work 

Posted by Subham Bakshion 5/10/10


why he doesnt do any work he is lifting the rock which is against the force of gravity

Posted by Gayathri Jahan Mohanon 18/10/10


i am suppose to say that when force is applied and the object does not displaces it  then 0 work is done

Posted by Rakshak Hon 20/10/10


W=s.F.cosx . when a person tends to change the position of the object but there is no displacement by the applied force then the work done by the applied force on the object is 0 . 

Posted by Mr. Poet on 4/12/10


Friend the work done is zero in three conditions :

1) When there is no displacement

2) When the displacement is normal to the direction of force. Ex- A collie carrying a Load in his head.

Posted by Chiranjib Mohantyon 5/12/10

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