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please give names of 10 useful micro organisms.
Asked by Shilpa Ann Math...(student) , on 11/11/12

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More Answers

1. bacteria 
2. amoebas 
3. salmonella 
4. penicillin 
5. protozoa 
6. fungi

Posted by Nidhi Pandey(student)on 11/11/12

 lacto bacillus help in preparation if curd. yeast helps in making of bread. aceto bacter aceti used in vinegar. e.coli found in stomach and used in digestion. penicillium notatum used in preparation of penecillin. mould used in manure. morchella is used as edible product(mushroom). red algae is used to produce agar. chlorella and spirulina used to obtain proteins. seeweeds are used to prepare manure.

Posted by Harish(student)on 11/11/12







Posted by Vanshika Bhatia(student)on 23/1/13

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