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pls explain how to do a journal entry with an example!

Asked by Shanu Jalas(student) , on 1/6/14

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well a journal entry is easy.. u have to frst shud b aware of the accountancy 's golden rule about debit n credit n its various rules of recognition of nature of any account type so as to solve ur answer...

u need to den make a table wid 4 columns including ((date/ particulars /debit amount in rs  /credit amnt in rs.))

fill d date

den see d transaction

den tell wats being debited to what

and so on n strt filling it.. but the best way possible is go see you book.. it has evrything..!!! :)

Posted by Tanya(student)on 10/7/12

More Answers

if the transaction given is purchased goods for Rs2000

the journal entry wud be

purchases a/c.................dr  2000

  to cash  2000

purchases cums in d debit becoz its goods dats is comin in

&cash cums in credit becoz cash is wat goes out

u have to apply d accounting principles & do it

Posted by Prathyusha Prav...(student)on 26/7/12

if the transaction given is started business with cash Rs 50000

the journal entry wed be

cash a/c................dr.50000

to capital a/c..........cr.50000

(being started business with cash)

Posted by Ravi Meena(student)on 27/7/12

commenced a business with cash of rs.90000

journal entry 

cash dr. 90000

To capital a/c cr.  90000

Posted by Lakshmi Chandra...(student)on 5/8/12

example: august 2, 2005   opened bank account with H.D.F.C  50,000

date         patriculars   L.F  debit  credit  

2.8.2005  bank a/c dr.  50,000 

  to cash a/c  50,000

  (being an  bank a/c opened with HDFC)

here,bank is a sort of expense & what goes out is cash rs 50,000 to bank.

remember always same rules does 'nt apply for everytime.

Posted by Maheswari Balac...(student)on 10/8/12



Posted by Nishaj Maharjan(student)on 14/8/12

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