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 plz i want a debate on english education has enslaved us

Asked by Shreya(student), +1 more on 8/11/13


 favour of the motion- foreign language - introduced by British in India so that Indians may loose their self-esteem - English presently spoken by only a few - destroys our education system - Kalam also says, education is given best in regional languages - China promotes Chinese language and they are a developed nation but Indians follow English and we are still developing.

against the motion- English binds the diverse country - helps Indians to stand in the outside world - becoming a language of common people - maintains a uniformity in education throughout the country.

Explain about these points and the debate will be ready!

Posted by Parishkrit Jain(student), on 2/11/10

 thank u ptjain

Posted by Chhavi Paliwal(student), on 2/11/10

 ekta is my friend

Posted by Chhavi Paliwal(student), on 2/11/10

thank u p t jain

Posted by Ekta Arya(student), on 16/11/10

 its very simple don 't look at the books of english

Posted by harjaskaur77...(student), on 1/12/11

gogle is so waste

Posted by Protyush Panda(student), on 3/2/12
  •  it is not nice
Posted by Shasthick(student), on 21/11/12

 this answer is so simple and we can get more marks by this

Posted by Shasthick(student), on 21/11/12


Posted by Shasthick(student), on 21/11/12
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