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Pollination may occur without fertilisation but fertilisation will not take place without pollintion .give reasons.

Asked by Apurva , on 16/2/13


Pollination is a process of transfer of male gamete (pollens) to the female gametes. It is carried out by agents like wind, insect etc. For pollination to happen there is no need of fertilisation of gametes i.e. their union. Fertilisation is union of male and female gamete and this process is facilitated by pollination. By pollination pollens are brought to eggs so that they can fuse and fertilisation can take place.

There fore,  Pollination may occur without fertilisation but fertilisation will not take place without pollintion.

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Posted by Swati Sharmaon 18/2/13

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Fertilisation is the process in which male germ cell produced by pollen grains and female germ cell present in ovule fuse to form zygote whch can grow into a new plant

without the transfer of pollen grain it cannot happen

Posted by Anuon 16/2/13


 this is because pollination is not dependent on fertilization; it takes place by itself. but fertilization cannot take place withot pollination because it is the pollination leads to fertilisation.

Posted by SJ12345(S D ADARSH VIDYALAYA) on 17/2/13


 In a flower fertilisation requires both male and female gametes.If pollination does not occur,male gamete is not available hence fertilisation cannot take place.In pollination male gamete is taken to the flower so that pollination can take place.

Posted by Surabhi Dugar(Ashok Hall) on 17/2/13

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