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project onto study various factors on which the internal resistance/emf of a cell depends.
Asked by Srishti Agrawal(student) , on 28/10/14

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 yea even i need info on this topic.
CBSE restarted the investigatory projects this year and i have no idea what to do

Posted by Utsav Soni(student)on 22/7/12

More Answers

 by the way i have got some points on it but dont know how to elaborate here are the points:
The internal resistance of the cell depends upon the following factors:
1.Material of the electrodes
2.Thickness of the electrodes
3.Depth of the electrodes in electrolyte
4.Nature of the Electrolytes

Posted by Utsav Soni(student)on 22/7/12

i need the sane

Posted by S(parent)on 27/8/12

 answer of the project.


Posted by Soumya(parent)on 15/10/12

I submited this kinda project but my teacher rejected it

I did on the concentration of electrolyte

Posted by Nikita Arora(student)on 16/10/12

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