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Q-which is the strongest reducing agent in the periodic table ?

Asked by Habiba Zainab(IQRA PUBLIC SCHOOL) , on 28/3/11

Inspite of small atomic size and high ionisation enthalpy Lithium is strongest reducing agent

Posted by Knack Jayaon 28/3/11

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Hydrogen is a reducing element, or reducing agent. More specifically, atomic Hydrogen, ie; singular Hydrogen atom, because it does not have a pair of electrons, only one, and therefor will accept or gain an electron to fill its valency of 2 electrons, a covalent bond. This type of Hydrogen is sometimes refered to as nascent Hydrogen-or newly formed Hydrogen from a chemical reaction to produce this atomic Hydrogen. Hope this helps... thumps up pls...


Posted by Shameema Mohammed(M E S SCHOOL) on 28/3/11

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