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question answers of the poem the brook..

Asked by Rashi Chhabra (student) , on 26/4/12

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 do u mean all the answers fr the qstns in the text book????????

Posted by Alina Ahmedon 26/4/12

More Answers

 1)The brook passes through the fern grow in wet areas and shine brightly with slashes of light under the sun.

2)The poet wants to bring to our mind the image of water flowing with lot of noise.

3)the brook passes 30 hills & half a hundred bridges during its journey.

4)it finally meet the river in the philips farm.

Posted by Syeda (student) on 26/4/12

yes @alina ahmed i meant all answers from textbuk...

Posted by Rashi Chhabra (student) on 8/5/12

what is the purpose of the speakers journey?

Posted by Heyam (student) on 3/12/12

 how did the brook sparkle?

Posted by Apurv (student) on 14/5/13


 when sunlight fall on it,the brook sparkles

Posted by pdargan6... (student) on 29/5/13


 as it is the purpose of life

Posted by pdargan6... (student) on 29/5/13


describe the origin of the brook?

Posted by Rohit Nair (student) on 26/6/13


 3) The brook starts in a place frequently visited by water birds like coot and herons.

Posted by Harish Sridharan (student) on 27/6/13


how does the brook sparkles?

Posted by Rahul (student) on 6/7/14

How does the brook chatter?

Posted by Sannihitha (student) on 16/4/15

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