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Faths from ezhimala english school , asked a question
Subject: Math , asked on 5/6/14

relation of maths with other subjects

Rupam Gupta , From Kendriya Vidyalaya , added an answer
Answered on 10/8/12


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Vishal Barman , From Faculty Hr Sec School , added an answer
Answered on 5/6/14

Science and math are intimately connected, particularly in fields such as chemistry, astronomy and physics.Students may have to solve equations when writing programs.

Literature and Writing

Literature might seem like a far cry from math, but mastering basic arithmetic can enable students to better understand poetry. The meter of poetry, the number of words to include in a line and the effect that certain rhythms have on the reader are all products of mathematical calculations. At a more mundane level, math can help students plan reading assignments in literature classes by discerning their average reading time and estimating how long it will take them to read a particular work. The linear, logical thinking used in mathematical problems can also help students write more clearly and logically.

Social Studies

Social studies classes, such as history, often require students to review charts and graphs that provide historical data or information on ethnic groups. In geography classes, students might need to understand how the elevation of an area affects its population or chart the extent to which different populations have different average life spans. Knowledge of basic mathematical terms and formulas makes statistical information accessible.

The Arts

Students interested in pursuing careers in theater, music, dance or art can benefit from basic mathematical knowledge. Musical rhythm often follows complex mathematical series, and math can help students learn the basic rhythms of dances used in ballet and theater performances. Art thrives on geometry, and students who understand basic geometric formulas can craft impressive art pieces.

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