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SAMPLE QUESTION PAPERMATHEMATICS(CODE-041)CLASS X, SA-IITime: 3 hours M.M.:80SECTION A ( 1 MARK EACH)Q1-The numerical difference of the roots of =n x2-7x +12 isa) 7 (b) -7 (c) 1 (d) -1Q2- If 6thterm of an 55 then sum of 11 terms of an A.P. isa) 605 b) 555 c) 506 d) 55Q3-If radii of two concentric circles are 4cm and 5cm then length of each chord of one circle which istangent to the other circle isa) 3cm b) 6cm c) 9cm d) 1cmQ4- In fig 1 ,if   0,then   is equal to a) 62.50 b) 450 c)350 d)550 Q5- If two tangents are inclined at 600are drawn to a circle of radius 3cm , then length of of eachtangent is equal toa) √ cm b) 6cm c) 3cm d)3√ cmQ6-How many parallel tangents are drawn to a given tangent of the circlea) 1 b) 2 c) infinite d) none Q7—Two identical solid cubes of side x are joined end to end Then total surface area of resultingcuboid is a) 12x2 b) 36x2 c) 10x2 d) 2x2Q8-if the sum of the area of two circles with radii R1 and R2 is equal to the radius of a circle R,thena) R1 +R2 =R b) (R1 +R2)2=R2 c) R12+R22=R2 d) R12+R22>R2 Q9-Two poles are 20m and 10m high and the line joining the tops makes an angle of 300withhorizontal.The distance between these poles isa) 20√ cm b) 10√  c) 20m d) 10mQ10- A bag contains white and black balls only .The probability of getting white ball is  What is theprobability of getting black balla)  b) c) d) 0SECTION B ( 2 MARKS EACH)Q11-Find the roots of 6x2-√-2=0 by factoristion methodQ12-The sum of three numbers in A.P. is 27 and product is 405.Find the numbersQ13-In fig 2, PA and PB are two tangents from external point P of the circle with centre O . LN touchesthe circle at M .Prove that PL +LM =PN +MNPNLBAO MQ14-Four circles are at four corners of the square such that each touches two of the other as shown infig 3,find the ratio of the area of shaded region to area of square not in shaded region. if side of thesquare is 12cmFig 3Q15-The surface area of sphere is 616cm2Find its radius.Q16-Find the value of k such that the point ( 0,2) is equidistant from the points ( 3,k) and (k,5) Q17-if the centroid of triangle formed by (7,x) (y, -6) and ( 9,10) is at( 6,3) Find the co-ordinate of x andyQ18-Two dice are thrown at the same time .Find the probability of getting same number on both dice.ORWrite the sample space if a coin is tossed twice .if second throw result in head a die is thrown. SECTION C ( 3 MARKS EACH)Q19- If the equation ( 1+m2)x2+2mcx + ( c2- a2) =0 has equal roots , prove that c2=a2(1+m2)ORTwo numbers differ by 3 and their product is 504. Find the numbersQ20-If nth term of the two APs:9,7,5,_____ and 24,21,18, ____ are the same Find the value of n.Alsofind that term.Q21-In fig 4, AB and CD are common tangents to two circles of unequal radii. Prove that AB=CD ORIf the angle between two tangents drawn from a point P to a circle of radius a and centre O is 900,then find the value of OP.Q22- Construct a tangent to a circle of radius 4cm from a point which is at a distance of 6cm from itscentreQ23-A square of diagonal 8cm is inscribed in a circle as shown in fig 5, Find the area of shaded region. Fig 5Q24-The difference between the outer and inner curved surface areas of hollow right circularcylinder ,14cm long ,is 88cm2. If the volume of metal used in making the cylinder is 176cm3.find theouter and inner diameters of the cylinder.ORThe rain water from a roof 22m X20m drains in to a cylindrical vessel having diameter of base 2m andheight 3.5cm .if the vessel is just full ,find the rainfall in cm.Q25-From a balloon vertically above a straight road,the angle of depression of two cars at an instantare found to be 450and 600.if the cars are 100m apart, find the height of the balloon .Q26-If mid-point of line segment joining ( 3,-1) and (7 ,-3) is (x,y) Find the relationship between x-y?Q27-If point Q ( a,b) divides the line segment joining points ( 0,0) and ( 5,5) internally , in the ratio 2:3Then find the co-ordinate of QQ28- A dice and coin are tossed together What is the probability of getting a tail and odd number.- SECTION C ( 4 MARKS EACH)Q29-The base of right angled triangle 2cm less than the perpendicular .the length of hypotenuse is10cm.Find other two sides of triangle.ORFind two consecutive odd positive integers whose product is 63.Q30-In A.P. first term is 14 ,the sum of all terms is 56 and no. of terms are 7 .Find the last term.Q31-To prove that the tangent to a circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact. Q32-A hemisphere of diameter x is surmounted by cone of radius as shown in fig 6,If height ofcombination is two times the height of hemisphere .Find the volume of combined fig Fig 6ORThe length and breadth of cuboid are 4cm ,3cm respectively .The total surface area is 52cm2.Find theheight of the cuboid.Q33-If x be slant height of the frustum. P and q are are two base radii .Find the ratio of total surfacearea to the curved surface area of the frustum.Q34-If two towers of height x and y subtend angles 600and 300respectively. at mid point of the linesegment joining their feet. Find the value of x:y
Asked by Ananya Raj(student) , on 25/1/13

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Due to time constraint we cannot solve the entire question paper. But, we can help you in the questions which you think are really difficult. Please mention the same and go through our study material and revision notes to solve on your own.

Posted by Aakash Sharma(MeritNation Expert)on 29/1/13

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Thanks for the question. ....................... 

Posted by Apoorva Sinha(student)on 25/1/13

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