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should more indian companies emerge as MNC ? how it will benefitthe people in the country ?

it is 3 marks question

Asked by kktiwari099...(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) , on 27/2/12


Dear Student, 

When there are conversions of more Indian companies into MNCs then 

  • It will bring economic benefits for the country with its revenues, 
  • It will lessen the burden on the resources of our country 
  • Give more opportunities of employment

Posted by Reecha Upadhyayaon 28/2/12

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 1.MNC 'S have increased dier investmant in india..wich means dat they have benfitted frm investing in INdia

2.the local companies supplying raw materails also banefitted

3.many top companies have benefitted through collaborations

4.many top indian companies have emerged as mnc 's due to stiff competition

5.it also increased employment generation



employment generation

increase in foreign trade

increase in foreign investment

buyers get a variety of choices

producers can sell their goods all over the world


more forign investment = more MNC 'S = growth of globalisation = beneficial for their country.

Posted by Mohil(Vedant International School) on 27/2/12

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