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show that the path  of a projectile seen from another projectile is a straight line?please do this question.

Asked by mansidubey0121... , on 19/8/11


@ M. Rehan, Right answer. Keep writing, your answers are very helpful for the users. Thumbs up from experts!
@ Kriti, Good effort! Keep it up!
Throw two bodies in a projectile motion with the same initial velocity. As the relative velocity is constant the trajectory seen from the one projectile to the other will be a straight line.
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Posted by Ruhhi Ralhanon 24/8/11

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hiiiiiiiiiii as the both object the objects will have same velocity then then the motion relative to each other will look straight ;line for example  an aeroplane is moving ihn the sky and pilot drops packet as packet and plane will have same velocity therefore they will look straight .........

The pilot would see the ball falling downwards on a straight line, while an observer on the ground near the target would see the ball coming towards the ground in a parabolic path.
Proof: The height of the ball at any time t is given by:

Posted by Kriti Sharma(kendriya vidyalaya no5 bathinda) on 22/8/11

 is a straight line

Posted by Ayush Jain(vivekanand public school) on 29/8/11

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