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 solved solutions for exemplar problems class9 maths exercise 1.3,1.4,2.3,2.4

Asked by Priyanka (student) , on 22/6/13

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The polynomial

p(x) =x4 2x3+ 3x2ax+ 3a 7 when divided byx+ 1 leavesthe remainder 19. Find the values ofa. Also find the remainder whenp(x)isdivided byx+ 2.

Posted by Samiksha Chauhan (student) on 15/9/13

More Answers

PQR is a Isosceles triangle, PQ = PR = 25 cm, QR = 14 cm inscribed in a circle. find the length of the radius

Posted by Somasekar (student) on 13/3/15

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